About HPVaid.com

HPVaid.com’s purpose is to provide visitors with evidence-based information concerning HPV infection. Information provided on this website has been thoroughly researched to provide our visitors with information they can count on.  We despise “quackery” and only use well-respected clinical research sources for our articles.

Story Behind HPVaid.com

As a practicing physician, I see patients on a daily basis and I can say that a vast majority of them look-up their medical conditions online.  Which is not all that surprising.  This is particularly true of conditions that may cause embarrassment to some.  HPV infection which causes genital warts is a great example of such condition.  While looking-up medical information online is great, a person must be careful what sources they consult.  Articles written in plain English are easiest to read, but may not contain research-based information which the medical community relies on.  HPVaid.com was created to provide visitors with easy to read articles concerning HPV infection, that are 100% based on recent clinical research data.

  • Looked-up medical information online at least once in a 12-month period 72%
  • Researched medical condition for someone else 50%
  • Consult health-related online forums and review boards 20%
  • Go online to connect with others with similar medical condition 18%
  • Caregivers who get medical information online 72%

Source: PEW Internet