14 million new HPV infections

About 80 million Americans are infected with HPV at any point in time.  Another 14 million become infected each year.

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Treatment options

Currently, there is no treatment for HPV infection, but fortunately therapies exist for the symptoms of HPV infection.

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Increased risk of cancer

HPV infections are associated with increased risk of certain cancers. Over 30,000 cases of cancer related to HPV are diagnosed in the US each year.

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Warts regress on their own in 2 months

Million new cases annually

types of HPV causing genital warts


Women infected with HPV at any given time


Cervical cancer


Vaginal cancer


Penile cancer


Vulvar cancer


Anal cancer


Oropharyngeal cancer

HPV Prevention is available.

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HPV Treatment Options

Salicylic acid

Commonly, a first-line agent for the treatment of HPV warts.  It is inexpensive and easy to use.  Available OTC.


Stimulates the immune system to fight HPV.  Available as a cream.


Applied on the skin, directly destroys genital warts.

Surgical Removal

Directly removes genital warts by surgical excision using a scalpel.  Scars are common.


Freezing or cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to destroy HPV warts directly on contact.

CO2 Laser

Laser is used to directly destroy genital wart tissue.  Evidence shows that laser provides better results than cryotherapy.



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